South Africa Video – Table of Contents

Please go here for introductory information to 2013 NEH South Africa.

This page will serve as a Table of Contents for blog and you tube links to the various interviews conducted by Mr. Wood with native South Africans in the Summer of 2013.  The videos conducted with a Flip Camera, have been edited and posted to youtube.  Below you find a link to a blog page that will introduce the specific subject of the interview, and the circumstances which brought myself and subject together.  I will also a link to the actual movie.

Hopefully by watching these interviews you will experience a deeper understanding of a beautiful and complicated nation, filled with interesting people.  Please check back to this post as interviews will be updated and posted through out the summer.  It is my goal to have all links provided below, and on this blog by the start of the 2013/14 school year.


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