Mr. Wood’s Journal July 15, 2013 – Soweto and Klipton

This assignment is due posted to Google Docs by 11:59 PM Tuesday, December 17.  This assignment is worth 50 points.

This one is easy guys…just read my journal entry for July 15, 2013.   One of the assignments for our NEH tour this summer to South Africa was that we teachers would share the responsibility of providing personal journals for each of the thirty-five days that we traveled in South Africa.  The assignment of the particular day for the particular teacher was done alphabetically for the first 24 days, and by volunteer the remainder of the trip.  There were no guidelines provided for the individual journals, only that we cover the assigned day.

It just so happened that my assigned day was probably the most pivotal of the entire journey.  We toured the Nelson Mandela museum in Johannesburg, spent time in Soweto on the streets and at the church where the Truth and Reconciliation hearings took place.  We also visited Klipton.  I want you to read my journal entry.  I want you to respond.  I want you to go find some link – any link – of any issue that is raised in the reading of my journal entry, and I want you to comment on that as well.

There is no specific requirement to this entry – other than 400 words.  Talk about your feelings concerning my experience – what thoughts that raised in your mind, and comment on the link that you provided off of my journal entry.  This is pretty much a free write, however I expect good grammar  and well thought out ideas.  So please proof it.

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