The Power of Pecha Kucha – Senior Current Issues

…and Africa.  Go here for specifics on your Pecha Kucha Assignment on Africa.

Pecha Kucha, the Japanese term for the sound of conversation (“chit chat”) began in Tokyo, back in 2003. Conceived by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham, their original goal was to create a space where designers could share their ideas/passions with others.  What these guys found was that people when they give public demonstrations talk to much, they aren’t organized, and consequently their message is lost in translation.

So, they came up with a format – 20 slides for 20 seconds – a presentation of 6:40 only.   They called it Pecha Kucha.  The idea spread around the world; presentations are live.  The idea is pretty cool.  I think it will work well for us here in our Exploration of Africa.

I’ve provided you three links.  The one above is a Pecha Kucha of how to do a Pecha Kucha.  Simple and informative. Please watch it.

As for the second link, I found this site “Guide to Making a Pecha Kucha” by Felix Jung to be the most informative.  Read the entire thing.  It will reinforce some of which is noted in the video above, but goes a little deeper in explaining Felix’s ideas on how to make a good creation.  It’s very user friendly.  When going through this site, you’ll notice at the end of the page you are sent to the next page…so follow the leader.  However, at the end after downloads, you’ll have to skip to videos up in the page section.  It doesn’t link up well and the video is important to watch.  It’s a Pecha Kucha by Felix.  Watch it live.  This is how a Pecha Kucha is presented.  He has however also provided it as a powerpoint with voice over so that you can better follow along.  Take a look.

Finally video number three helps you set up your Powerpoint to manually go about your creation.  Good to watch, before you place your slides.

Between the three videos, and Felix’s suggestions, I think you’ve got enough to move forward.  I expect this presentation style will serve you well in this class and for future use.  I think you’re going to learn a lot from the experience.  I will get back with you on  specific ideas and guidelines for Exploring Africa – the assigned topic for your first Pecha Kucha.

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