College Talk 2 – Survey Reflection

Thank you for your honesty in filling out the pre survey on College funding and Costs.  Results are interesting.  I think it will be healthy for us to read through these results regularly throughout the study of this unit.   It’ll put our challenge into perspective.  And I think also, comfort comes from knowing you are not in this thing alone.  Finally, we need to be honest on where we began, if we are going to be effective in making progress into the future.

Please make sure to visit – Building A Better World website for college scholarship information.

Remember the only bad decisions here – are no decisions.  Don’t procrastinate.  Let’s get moving…together.

  • Go here for College Talk Assignment #1 – “To Go or Not to Go”
  • Go here for College Talk Assignment #2 – “How to Pay for it”
  • Go here for College Talk Assignment #3 – “Real World Examples”
  • Go here for College Talk Review – “Podcasts and Websites”
  • Go here for  Data of the Multiple Choice Questions Survey 2014 sem #1.
  • Long Answer Questions
  • Go here for #4 – Stress Level going in
  • Go here for #5 – Five years out where will you be
  • Go here for #27 – One word response to cost  of Higher Education
  • Go here for #28 – What do you want to learn
  • Go here for Assignment – that takes you through survey results.
  • Go here for extra credit NPR podcasts – for unit supplementation.

And below find helpful links to College Costs and You on Blendspace.

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